Christ Centered + Life Application

At Crossland Kids ministry, we teach kids about the love of God, the Word of God and Son of God every chance we get! Our Kids Ministry programs are designed to inspire children into a growing relationship with Jesus through fun, relationships and teaching. When our communicators teach the amazing and ancient stories of the bible, they connect the lesson to Jesus and find a way to connect it to kid’s lives. We call it Christ Centered Applicable Teaching.

Let’s look at the story of Noah from Genesis chapters 6-9. A great story and one of the most popular in the bible. What does it have to do with Jesus? It took place 1,000s of years before Christ…. and how does it help a kid in South Central Kentucky? When you and I dig into God’s Word, we will see that the Bible is all about Jesus. He is pictured or prophesied in each of the 66 Bible books as well as in the lives of characters throughout the Bible. Our kids need to know that Jesus is Lord and savior and that a relationship with Him is the most important relationship they can have.

Here is a way we could connect the story of Noah back to Jesus and apply it to a kid’s life: Noah was a righteous man who obeyed God. The people around him made fun of him, mocked him and didn’t understand him. They laughed at him for hearing from God and for building a giant boat. Have you ever been misunderstood or made fun of? It happens to even the best people. When the flood waters came, God protected and rescued Noah and his family. Noah trusted God no matter what, even when others didn’t. God rescued His people then and saves His people today. Just like God sent an ark to save Noah, He sent Jesus to save us. So, when people make fun of you, it hurts, but Jesus is right there with you, and you can rely on Him to give you hope, love, faith, encouragement, peace, help and so much more. You can trust Him with every detail of your life and your future! 

As kids learn these truths, we want them to leave kids church filled, fueled and empowered to make an impact in the world and to grow in wisdom and understanding of Christ.

As we partner in teaching your kids about Jesus, we would love your feedback! If you have any questions about Crossland Kids ministry or want more information about Christ Centered Teaching, our staff would love to connect with you! email